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Roya from Afghanistan and Adnan from the United Kingdom
Adnan married for the third time on 29 January 2010 - Roya Faryabi the daughter of a retired diplomat and army general.

Leandro from Argentina and Katie from the United Kingdom
Happy couple: Katie has returned to Argentina with her boyfriend Leandro just two weeks after she visited to meet his parents.

Bess from Australia and Dave from the United Kingdom
For over thirty years, Dave, an Irish Catholic from Newcastle and Bess, a Walpiri woman from Yuendumu, have been married, raising a family, and working for the betterment of Aboriginal Australians in the Northern Territory.

Cleane from Brazil and Shashi from the United Kingdom
Shashi and Cleane met in Glasgow, Scotland. Shashi was born in India but grew up in the UK. We now live in the US but go frequently to both India and Brazil.

Crystal from Canada and Craig from the United Kingdom

AJ from China and Natalie from the United Kingdom
They met on the streets of Beijing and tell their tale of how their love has led them to start a new life together.

Marie Christine from the Czech Republic and Michael from the United Kingdom

Heidi from Germany and Seal from the United Kingdom
Married in 2005.

Charles from Denmark and Maud from the United Kingdom

Dodi from Egypt and Diana from the United Kingdom

Alfonso from Spain and Eugenia from the United Kingdom
Alfonso XIII was married to Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg (Queen Ena), daughter of HSH Prince Henry of Battenberg and HRH Princess Beatrice of Great Britain and Ireland in 1906).

Joensuu from Finland and Chloe from the United Kingdom
Since their relationship is still young, Chloe and her partner are enjoying living close in proximity, sharing the local culture and their budding harmony together.

Rob from Fiji and Dessa from the United Kingdom
Rob is Hindi from Fiji, Dessa is Scottish-Hungarian. The couple met in Surrey and have been together for more than 11 years.

Catherine from France and Henry V from the United Kingdom

Marie-Chantal from the United Kingdom and Pavlos from Greece
While her sisters Pia Getty and Alexandra von Furstenberg also married well, Marie-Chantal is the only Miller sister to marry official royalty.

Rob from the United Kingdom and Jessica from Indonesia

Steven Donlon from the United Kingdom and Sushmita DuttaGupta from India
Married since May 24 2013.

Katie from the United Kingdom and Giancarlo from Italy
I was an artist when Giancarlo and I met in 1996. He’d commissioned me to paint Italianate murals in one of his restaurants. He said that when he saw me he decided, then and there, to marry me.

Alison from the United Kingdom and Vinnie from Jamaica

John from the United Kingdom and Yoko from Japan
Married in 1969.

Julia from the United Kingdom and Krenar from Kosovo
The couple married on Christmas Eve at their local church, St Anne's in Nantyglo, South Wales, with their one-year- old daughter, Hattie, as bridesmaid, and their dog, Cupe (the name is Albanian for "little girl") as a guest.

Frances from the United Kingdom and George from Sri Lanka
It's only when Frances and I go back and look at our wedding album that we realise quite what a meeting of cultures our marriage was. Not so much for the two of us but for our parents.

Michael from the United Kingdom and Aung from Myanmar
Michael Aris and Aung San Suu Kyi (1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient) were married in 1972.

Fern from the United Kingdom and Mau from Mexico

Spencer from the United Kingdom and Vibeke from Norway
We met at the Taj Mahal in India whilst waiting for the sunrise. Because the Taj Mahal was bathed in thick fog, we got chatting and ended up travelling together for two weeks before I changed my air tickets for Gibraltar rather than Nepal.

Bill from the United Kingdom and Pamela from New Zealand

Munnawar from the United Kingdom and Angie from the Philippines

Jenny from the United Kingdom and Peter from Sweden
Peter and I met at a wedding in Sweden in 2001. Or rather, on a blind date a couple of days before. He was ‘advertised’ as a handsome, blond Swede: and he was. We began a relationship: he’d come to Scotland to see me, and I’d visit him in his university town near Stockholm.

Steve from the United Kingdom and Diana from Singapore
Diana met her husband, Steve in university where they were both doing the same course. They have two children, Amelia and Haley.

David from the United Kingdom and Iman from Somalia
On April 24, 1992 they got married in a private ceremony in Lausanne.

Phil from the United Kingdom and İlknur from Turkey
Married for 25 years. Met at a school where we were both teaching, married in 1990 and have three daughters. Ece is 23, Naz and Ceren are 18

Sylvier from the United Kingdom and Kabaka from Uganda
The king of Uganda's Buganda tribe, one of Africa's most glorious and powerful 19th century kingdoms, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, and his new wife Queen Sylvier Nagginda step out of church after their wedding at an Anglican Cathedral near Kampala, Uganda, Friday, Aug. 27, 1999.

Nick from the United Kingdom and Stephanie from the United States
Met online, fell in love and endured a long distance relationship. Six years later we're about to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!

Elka from the United Kingdom and Thien from Vietnam
We met in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and have never lived anywhere else together. I have been in Vietnam for going on 17 years and Thien has been here for 10 years.