The Austin Chronicle reports

Austinite's new website charts bi-cultural couples worldwide
Is anyone from New Zealand, say, hooked up with someone from Kazakhstan? Does some fair daughter of icy Greenland have a serious Thing going with some favored son – or daughter, for that matter – of Madagascar? What about Lichtenstein and Norway? Ireland and Morocco? Israel and Palestine?...

I'll take it as a compliment...

"This seems like the sort of pointless exercise exclusive Gentlemen's clubs of the 19th century used to come up with out of sheer boredom, at least in fiction stories."
-- OKCupid comment

World in Love – an online social experiment

It started as a conversation in a bar: “Is there one couple for every combination of countries in the world?” With seven billion people on the planet it should be possible to find them. The website World In Love (http://world-in-love.info) is an attempt to find the answer to the question.

Couples can contribute by posting a picture of themselves under combination of countries that they are from. A matrix gives a quick overview over the progress so far. We expect some combinations to be easy, while others will be more of a challenge.

We believe in the “six degrees of separation” approach and hope that word about this project will spread. We invite everybody to take part in this experiment!