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Combinations for South Africa

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Mark from Australia and Candice from South Africa
We met at an improv convention in Australia and have been in a long-distance relationship for 16 months now. We visit each other every few months, but hopefully one day we'll live in the same place!

Ruth from Germany and Adnan from South Africa
Both of them had to struggle with the Apartheid regime because of their love.

Albert II from Monaco and Charlene from South Africa
Charlene Wittstock has officially won the heart of a prince. The 32-year-old former Olympic swimmer from South Africa is engaged to Prince Albert of Monaco, her longtime boyfriend.

Glenda from Singapore and Matheu from South Africa
When you meet that special someone in the most unexpected places, and both of you hit it off right away, the world suddenly contracts as your heart expands with love and excitement .

Joe from the United States and Jody from South Africa
We were married in South Africa in October of 2012, now living in Chicago, IL USA

Kobus from South Africa and Carl from South Africa