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Andreas from Albania and Chelsea from the United States
We met in Greece. We spoke of many variations of culture and he expressed his instant love in my familiar spirit. I felt the when in Rome essence and indulged in the Albanian love he ensued.

Luciana from Argentina and Matt from the United States
Damon with his wife Luciana Barroso, the mother of his three children.

Achim from Austria and Andy from the United States
Achim and Andy are trying to find a way to live together in Austria.

Sarah from Belgium and Tom from the United States
Right after college I went to the Netherlands to do a year-long exchange program in journalism. Tom was studying there as well and the course director invited the Belgians to meet the other exchange students.

Djimon from Benin and Kimora from the United States

Gerson from Bolivia and Betsy from the United States
Gerson and I met and married in Bolivia, South America. God joined us to work together to further HIS Kingdom. We love the Lord and are passionate about sharing His love with others. God has blessed us with 2 handsome sons who keep us very busy! We enjoy playing board games, having people over to our home, and loving people!

Renata from Brazil and Michael from the United States

Irina from Belarus and John from the United States
This was Nastya's first Halloween!

Monique from Canada and Charles from the United States
Partners since 1992.

Fabienne from Switzerland and Katherine from the United States
They met in 2004 when both were enrolled in a studies-abroad program in Japan.

Fernando from Chile and Elise from the United States

Herve from Cameroon and Caroline from the United States
Not everyone expects a response when they write a letter to the president of the United States. But Caroline got much more than she expected when her husband ended up in jail and afraid he would be deported. Caroline wrote President Barack Obama in January because her husband Herve was facing deportation to his native Cameroon. Herve failed in a bid before political asylum almost a decade ago, and a judge issued a deportation order after they were married.

Zhang Hui from China and Roland from the United States

Steven from Colombia and Sean from the United States
The federally-sanctioned DOMA only recognizes marriage between a man and a woman, so Sean Brooks and his Colombian husband Steven’s marriage did not exist in the eyes of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Therefore, USCIS cancelled Steven’s green card petition.

Randy from Costa Rica and Cait from the United States
I've lived in the USA my whole life. Randy moved here in 2001. We met online in 2007 and got married in 2009!

Renate from the Czech Republic and Oria from the United States

Andreas from Germany and Jessica from the United States

David from Ecudaor and Brandi from the United States
We met outside of a bar after a mutual friends' band played a show, that friend introduced us and we haven't been apart since.

Mohamed from Egypt and Yasmin from the United States
Yasmin and Mohamed, a young Egyptian-American couple, have been married nine months. Both are all smiles as they discuss each other and their new relationship. After a courtship shaped by age-old custom and family strictures, they find a sweet thrill in the simple pleasures of married life. “This is my person now,” says Mohamed. “I always wanted a person.”

Mar from Spain and Heather from the United States

Anne from France and Tammy from the United States
I love my girlfriend with all my heart. We have been through a lot to be together, and it is a commitment emotionally and financially to be with someone living 5,000 miles away.

Nick from the United Kingdom and Stephanie from the United States
Met online, fell in love and endured a long distance relationship. Six years later we're about to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary!

Fred from Ghana and Kaela from the United States
We met in a Philosophy of Culture course at the University of Ghana. I was there through an exchange program and he was in his last year. I did a semester at the University here during my last year of university.

Aristotle from Greece and Jackie from the United States
They got married in 1968.

Nedo from Croatia (Hrvatska) and jon from the United States

Lujza from Hungary and Joy from the United States
In June, Lujza and I will celebrate our 10-year anniversary as a couple, and our 2-year wedding anniversary. A decade together is a milestone and achievement for any couple, but because we are a binational same-sex couple, we have had to fight for every day of those 10 years.

Anton from Indonesia and Andersen from the United States
Andersen married his spouse Anton in D.C. in June.

Cathy from Ireland and Catriona from the United States

Tzila from Israel and Adi from the United States
The couple met in Tel Aviv and they now live in Brooklyn.

Kamesh from India and Nichole from the United States
Nichole is an Aleut from Alaska, USA and Kamesh is from Chennai, India. They met in 2008 while living in Colorado. They married in 2012.

Amir from Iran and Elan from the United States
We are from different countries. Amir is from Iran and I am from the United States. We dated and got engaged in Malaysia and then flew to the USA together once Amir received his visa.

Andrea from Italy and Micah from the United States
Andrea and I met through a mutual friend, here in Italy. To me, he is the most amazing and wonderful man I've ever known. He is romantic and gentle, but can also make me laugh like crazy. He likes that I'm independent and opinionated, but also loving and kind.

Nigel from Jamaica and Grace from the United States
A family worlds apart...brings the world together

Hussein from Jordan and Lisa from the United States
Lisa Halaby (Queen Noor) married King Hussein of Jordan in 1978.

Yuki from Japan and Tom from the United States
Met in the US early on in college

Guzialia from Kyrgyzstan and Waylon from the United States

Leaksmy from Cambodia and Tommy from the United States
In May 2009, I (Tommy) came to Cambodia for the second time with a Cambodian friend from central Texas who invited me to join him on his trip. I jumped at the chance since I was starting to fall in love with this country and excited about the opportunity to go back. The day after we arrived in Phnom Penh, a group of us went to Oudong Mountain to meet up with another group. Leaksmy was in that group. I was speechless when I saw her get out of the car and we ended up in a conversation while I was exploring Uodong Mountain temple.

UnSon from South Korea and Robert from the United States
UnSon and Robert met while working in the military in South Korea.

Tip from Laos and Tarah from the United States

Amal from Lebanon and George from the United States

Rukshan from Sri Lanka and Jody from the United States
Rukshan and Jody Fernando are professors from Midwest, USA. They're happily married for 10 years now and are blessed with two kids and one dog.

Rainier from Monaco and Grace from the United States
Kelly headed the U.S. delegation at the Cannes Film Festival in April 1955. While there, she was invited to participate in a photo session at the Palace of Monaco with Prince Rainier III, the sovereign of the principality. After a series of delays and complications, Kelly met the prince in Monaco.

Gilberto from Mexico and Kate from the United States
We met at a salsa class 7 years ago and just got married in 2013. Two cultures=more holidays! !Festejemos!

Ben from Nigeria and Susan from the United States
We have been together 17 years and are the proud parents of a 7 year old cutie.

Kiki from the Netherlands and Kevin from the United States
Long-distance relationship based in improv, turning short-distance in December 2020!

Birger from Norway and Juliet from the United States
I am a practicing Orthodox Jew, and Birger is a Norwegian-heritage agnostic. We got engaged in August 2006 after a whirlwind courtship, and we planned to be married the following January.

Victoria from New Zealand and Dan from the United States
New Zealand met New Jersey. The rest is awesome!

Fabiola from Peru and Kelly from the United States

Bryan from the Philippines and Genevieve from the United States
An endless adventure and giggle/tickle fest that helps each of us learn to grow together everyday, while still having a blast and feeling like kids!

Monika from Poland and Dan from the United States

Cesar from Paraguay and Adelia from the United States
I was a Peace Corps volunteer and he was my host brother. It was not love and first sight, but by the second sight I knew. We were secretly dating two weeks from the day I landed in country. Seven years later and we're expecting our first child in May 2014.

Naomi from Romania and Corwyn from the United States
Corwin and I met in our Masters Degree program almost a year ago, he’s 23 and African American and Thai and I’m his first girlfriend! I come from a wealthy family and he comes from poverty, we are both Protestant Christian. You can see all we have “going against us”, but even with all this, we totally love each other!

Katherine from the Russian Federation and Gerrin from the United States
In love with my best friend since 2005- everyday is better than the last!

Abdullah from Saudi Arabia and Carol from the United States

Alex from Sweden and Sarah from the United States
We met when I (Sarah) was on an exchange program in Sweden in 2009. Alex and I met though some mutual friends, and there was an instant connection. We both remember thinking that we would love to be with someone like. Unfortunately I was only staying in Sweden for a few more months, and there was no reason to start anything. We just remained friends. I returned to California to finish school, and decided it would be great to do my masters degree in Sweden, I returned one year later. I ran into Alex, one random Monday, on the streets of Lund - each of us heading to difference places for lunch. We decided to eat together, and a few weeks later we started dating. He is the love of my life, and we are so fortunate that circumstances brought us together (twice). We are still living in Sweden, but have plans to move to California in a few years.

Evelyn Tan from Singapore and Brian Johnsen from the United States
We met 14 years ago at a University party, we're now married 10 years and have a beautiful 5 year daughter. Life just gets better!

Melanie from Slovenia and Donald from the United States
Melanie married the Donald in 2005.

Iman from Somalia and Spencer from the United States
They got married in 1977.

Eduardo from El Salvador and Kelsey from the United States

Zwakele from Swaziland and Dennis from the United States
Dennis and Zwakele are happily married. Dennis' jovial nature is complimented well by Zwakele's practical side. They have the relationship that some said couldn't work, and they are happier together than they were apart.

Zeyno from Turkey and Matthew from the United States

Brian from Trinidad and Tobago and Adrienne from the United States
Married almost 17 years, four children!

Elaine from Taiwan and Mitch from the United States
Married in 1993.

Alex from the Ukraine and Lauren from the United States

Francis from Uganda and Missy from the United States
We have no doubt in our mind that God has brought us together and created us for each other.

Josh from the United States and Henry from Venezuela

Ben from the United States and Umuafu from Samoa
Ben married Umuafu, a Samoan from the village of Neiafu on Savaii last year. In September he took his bride back to Virginia to introduce her to his family.

Joe from the United States and Jody from South Africa
We were married in South Africa in October of 2012, now living in Chicago, IL USA