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Combinations for Turkey

 Austria  Bulgaria  Germany  Greece  Spain the United Kingdom the United States
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Christian from Austria and Sibel from Turkey

Elena from Bulgaria and Kushal from Turkey

Melina from Germany and Ridvan from Turkey

Chari from Spain and Turgut from Turkey

Phil from the United Kingdom and ─░lknur from Turkey
Married for 25 years. Met at a school where we were both teaching, married in 1990 and have three daughters. Ece is 23, Naz and Ceren are 18

Anastasia from Greece and Ahmet from Turkey
They met in New York, where Anastasia, who loved design, was working in cosmetics, and where Ahmet discovered that he was tired of finance, but wanted instead to be a chef. He began by managing a restaurant. But still there was the dream of doing something together. Now they are running a restaurant in Miami.

Zeyno from Turkey and Matthew from the United States