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Vera from Germany and Edardy from Singapore
We met in Singapore in 2006 and married in Scotland in 2011. Living in London currently.

Steve from the United Kingdom and Diana from Singapore
Diana met her husband, Steve in university where they were both doing the same course. They have two children, Amelia and Haley.

Nadim from Indonesia and Stefanie from Singapore
Stefanie Sun is a famous Singaporean Chinese singer. On 8 May 2011, Sun married Nadim Van Der Ros, a Dutch-Indonesian and senior executive at Aviva. In 2012, Sun gave birth naturally to her first child- a baby boy.

Carmela from the Philippines and Alex from Singapore
Absence, as cliche as it sounds, makes the heart grow fonder. And also makes people do crazy things, like, proposing to your other half by sending her an SMS text message. "Will you marry me?" - With this text, he proposed to his then-girlfriend, Carmela, two months after they started dating. "It took me 20 cents (cost of the SMS) to propose to her," Alex recalled of his impromptu decision. Ten blissful years and three children later, sending Carmela that text message "wedding proposal" was certainly one of the best moves Alex ever made.

Adam from Singapore and Kanya from Thailand
They met online and are live in Singapore now.

Evelyn Tan from Singapore and Brian Johnsen from the United States
We met 14 years ago at a University party, we're now married 10 years and have a beautiful 5 year daughter. Life just gets better!

Glenda from Singapore and Matheu from South Africa
When you meet that special someone in the most unexpected places, and both of you hit it off right away, the world suddenly contracts as your heart expands with love and excitement .