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Else from Australia and Ingmar from Sweden
Married in 1943.

Silvia from Germany and Carl from Sweden
Official Royal Swedish Household photograph of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Queen Silvia, former German commoner Silvia Sommerlath, taken on the afternoon after their wedding at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden on June 19, 1976.

Quentin from France and Linnéa from Sweden
We met while Quentin was traveling to Stockholm from Norway.

Jenny from the United Kingdom and Peter from Sweden
Peter and I met at a wedding in Sweden in 2001. Or rather, on a blind date a couple of days before. He was ‘advertised’ as a handsome, blond Swede: and he was. We began a relationship: he’d come to Scotland to see me, and I’d visit him in his university town near Stockholm.

Olav from Norway and Mrtha from Sweden
Married on March 21st 1929.

Therese from the Philippines and Axel from Sweden
Therese and Axel first met in 2009 at an international children's camp where Therese worked as a staff member and Axel led the Swedish delegation.

Alex from Sweden and Sarah from the United States
We met when I (Sarah) was on an exchange program in Sweden in 2009. Alex and I met though some mutual friends, and there was an instant connection. We both remember thinking that we would love to be with someone like. Unfortunately I was only staying in Sweden for a few more months, and there was no reason to start anything. We just remained friends. I returned to California to finish school, and decided it would be great to do my masters degree in Sweden, I returned one year later. I ran into Alex, one random Monday, on the streets of Lund - each of us heading to difference places for lunch. We decided to eat together, and a few weeks later we started dating. He is the love of my life, and we are so fortunate that circumstances brought us together (twice). We are still living in Sweden, but have plans to move to California in a few years.