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Combinations for the Russian Federation

 France  Germany  Guatemala  India  Italy  Japan  Nigeria  South Korea the United States
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Uwe from Germany and Svetlana from the Russian Federation
The two run a dating agency specialized on east-west connections.

Francoise from France and Christopher from the Russian Federation
Prince Christopher married his second wife, Princess Francoise of Orleans (25 December 1902 – 25 February 1953).

Federico from Guatemala and Marina from the Russian Federation
We live in Guatemala and lived in Costa Rica for six years before here.

Natraj from India and Lina from the Russian Federation
I am IT Professional working for an MNC. Lina was working in Moscow. We met online on one of the dating sites, and kept in touch via Skype for over a year. She came down to meet me and we traveled half the country and got to know each other better. We got married in 2013 in a traditional Indian ceremony as well as a beach weeding . Have been together since.

Michele from Italy and Anna from the Russian Federation
Only few people believed our love would stand the distance, though here we are happily married, with 2 adorable kids and a lot of plans for future :-)

Mrs. W from Japan and Mr. W. from the Russian Federation
We met on the website for international exchange in the February of 2006.

Jay from South Korea and Sasha from the Russian Federation

Mikel from Nigeria and Olga from the Russian Federation

Katherine from the Russian Federation and Gerrin from the United States
In love with my best friend since 2005- everyday is better than the last!