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Melissa from China and Bartosz from Poland
Melissa and husband Bartosz made their Polish-Chinese union official in Australia.

Nikolai from Germany and Olga from Poland
We are an intercultural marriage. Olga is Polish and Nikolai is German. Also, we happen to live in yet another country, the Netherlands. However, we don't see ourselves as an offbeat marriage. We have the same problems and benefits other couples have, we just happen to come from different countries, and speak different languages.

Isabel from Spain and Zemoisky from Poland
Formal picture following the wedding of Infanta Isabel Alfonsa of Spain, and Count Zemoisky Jan Kany of Poland, that took place in the Chapel of the Royal Palace, in Madrid, March 9, 1929.

Pierre from France and Marie from Poland
Pierre and Marie Curie married in 1895. Winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics (1903).

Jessica from Guatemala and Taylor from Poland
They live in Kamloops.

Katalin from Hungary and Karol from Poland

Chad from Poland and Rotha from Thailand
The Victoria couple were married July 13. They had two ceremonies: A traditional Christian ceremony, conducted in English, and a traditional Buddhist ceremony.

Monika from Poland and Dan from the United States