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Combinations for the Philippines

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Craig from Australia and Ireen from the Philippines

Justin from Canada and Leah from the Philippines

Harry from Costa Rica and Shelby from the Philippines

David from the Czech Republic and Milarosa from the Philippines
The lovebirds met at a gas station where Milarosa worked and where David soon became an avid customer.

Heike from Germany and Jenkin from the Philippines
We are together since 10 years and happily married since almost 7 years. We have a wonderful 4 year old daughter.

Ia from Finland and Stacy from the Philippines
Lesbian couple together for 7+ years :) We met and live in Austin, TX. I am actually the product of a bi-national couple (Finland/Sweden) and so is Stacy (Philippines/USA). Together, we are raising my son from a previous marriage to an Algerian (Meaning our son is also from a bi-national background: Finland/Algeria). -The attached photo is from many years ago...and that is NOT our couch :)

Munnawar from the United Kingdom and Angie from the Philippines

Dilara from India and Dennis from the Philippines
The couple lives in Vancouver.

Omid from Iran and Mae from the Philippines
Mae and Omid are both dentists who are currently living in Tehran, Iran. They have been married for 10 months and and are yet to have children.

Kris from Iceland and Lolong from the Philippines
They run the very successful restaurant "Harry's" in Reykjavik. The story of Harry's began several months after the unlikely meeting of Kris - a native of Iceland - and his soon-to-be-wife Lolong in the Philippines. After living in Lolong's home in Marikina, the couple migrated back to Reykjavik, and despite some financial struggles due to the ongoing economic crisis in the country, Harry's was born.

Byung from South Korea and Mariel from the Philippines

Kim from Myanmar and Alithea from the Philippines

Alicia from Mexico and Rey from the Philippines

Therese from the Philippines and Axel from Sweden
Therese and Axel first met in 2009 at an international children's camp where Therese worked as a staff member and Axel led the Swedish delegation.

Carmela from the Philippines and Alex from Singapore
Absence, as cliche as it sounds, makes the heart grow fonder. And also makes people do crazy things, like, proposing to your other half by sending her an SMS text message. "Will you marry me?" - With this text, he proposed to his then-girlfriend, Carmela, two months after they started dating. "It took me 20 cents (cost of the SMS) to propose to her," Alex recalled of his impromptu decision. Ten blissful years and three children later, sending Carmela that text message "wedding proposal" was certainly one of the best moves Alex ever made.

Daisy from the Philippines and Lak from Thailand
Daisy is a high-spirited and fashionable Filipina who works as an assistant teacher in an international school in Bangkok. She's happily married to Lak , a multi-talented Thai national who traded his engineering career over his passion in cooking.

Bryan from the Philippines and Genevieve from the United States
An endless adventure and giggle/tickle fest that helps each of us learn to grow together everyday, while still having a blast and feeling like kids!