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Combinations for Japan

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Claudia from Germany and Jiro from Japan

John from the United Kingdom and Yoko from Japan
Married in 1969.

Widya from Indonesia and Masahiko from Japan
In the picture with their son Kentaro.

Omer from Israel and Masayo from Japan
Masayo and Omer live in a big old apartment in the Berliner district of Neuk├Âlln.

Nozomi from Japan and Alfredo from Mexico
The couple met at the University of B.C. seven years ago, and were married in April 2011. They live in Victoria with their dog, Bigo-chan.

Mrs. W from Japan and Mr. W. from the Russian Federation
We met on the website for international exchange in the February of 2006.

Yuki from Japan and Tom from the United States
Met in the US early on in college