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Combinations for Italy

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Albert from Belgium and Paola from Italy

Moli from Canada and Nico from Italy
The two have been working as dance instructors for a while.

Li Jia from China and Alessandro from Italy

Natalia from Colombia and Paolo from Italy
It has been a life time I've been waiting for you..❤

Ivana from the Czech Republic and Rossano from Italy

Cornelia from Germany and Luigi from Italy
Cornelia and Luigi have been married for 31 years.

Cleopatra from Egypt and Antony from Italy
Antony and Cleopatra married in 36 B.C. The couple planned to conquer Rome. But in 31 B.C. the Roman general Octavian destroyed the combined forces of Antony and Cleopatra in the battle of Actium. Hearing a false report that Cleopatra was dead, Antony fell on his sword. With no hope left, Cleopatra induced a poisonous asp to bite her.

Nicolas from France and Carla from Italy
Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni married in 2008.

Katie from the United Kingdom and Giancarlo from Italy
I was an artist when Giancarlo and I met in 1996. He’d commissioned me to paint Italianate murals in one of his restaurants. He said that when he saw me he decided, then and there, to marry me.

Rajiv from India and Sonia from Italy
Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi married in 1968, in a Hindu ceremony.

Shelby from Italy and Michael from Sri Lanka

Luca from Italy and Oluchi from Nigeria

Sara from Italy and Waqar from Pakistan
We met at work. Waqar interviewed me for a job and was my manager for about a year! When he moved on, the whole team stayed in touch with him and became friends, and things developed from there, even though we didn't tell any of the others at first for quite a few months!

Michele from Italy and Anna from the Russian Federation
Only few people believed our love would stand the distance, though here we are happily married, with 2 adorable kids and a lot of plans for future :-)

Andrea from Italy and Micah from the United States
Andrea and I met through a mutual friend, here in Italy. To me, he is the most amazing and wonderful man I've ever known. He is romantic and gentle, but can also make me laugh like crazy. He likes that I'm independent and opinionated, but also loving and kind.