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Claudio from Argentina and Beatriz from India

Eva from Austria and Ahmed from India
Eva was born in Palestine during WWII, Ahmed was born in India but grew up in S. Africa. They met at college in Los Angeles in the early 60s, and were married for 45 years until Ahmed died of dementia. Their children routinely win the award for weirdest family.

Jessica from Australia and Madhu from India
Married and have one son

Alexandra from Canada and Madhavan from India
Alexandra is from Vancouver, Canada & Madhavan is from Hyderabad, India. They met in college in the U.S. and it was love at first sight! They got married and have a daughter, Maya - who has the best of both worlds! For more info about our Indo-Canadian life:

Cynthia from Switzerland and Siddhartha from India

Marlene from Cape Verde and Puneet from India
Marlene from Cape- Verde and Puneet from India Married and we have a son , Viraj.

Benjamin from Germany and Nilu from India
Nilu and Benjamin went to Denmark to get married. Talk about international.

Lars from Denmark and Suchitra from India
Actor Suchitra Pillai met an engineer from Denmark, Lars Kjeldsen and married him in 2005. The happily married couple is blessed with a daughter Annika.

Venet from France and Chenappa from India
They did not meet at a yoga session! Yoga was just something that got them talking.

Steven Donlon from the United Kingdom and Sushmita DuttaGupta from India
Married since May 24 2013.

Anita from Hungary and Jagwinder from India
We met in Hungary, married in Denmark, live in the UK and we are just going for our traditional wedding to India.

Sylvia from Indonesia and Joe from India
Joe immigrated from India to the US for university, then to Canada in 1973. Sylvia immigrated from Indonesia with her parents in 1966. They met at the University of B.C. on the day Joe landed in Canada.

Dan from Israel and Tara from India

Rajiv from India and Sonia from Italy
Sonia and Rajiv Gandhi married in 1968, in a Hindu ceremony.

Arun from India and Kyong from South Korea
my parents!

sukhpreet from India and stephanie from Lebanon
Met at a indian night got married a year later now have two sons

Madhimalar from India and Muttiah from Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan cricketing legend Muttiah Muralitharan, the most noteworthy wicket-taker in both Test and One-Day Internationals, wedded Chennai based girl, Madhimalar Ramamurthy on March 21, 2005. Murali and Madimalar have child, conceived in January 2006.

Rullia from India and Valentina from Mexico
The two were married in 1917.

Gita from India and Prashant from Nepal
Indian Idol of Nepali origin Prashant Tamang with his wife Gita Thapa Magar. Tamang has tied nuptial knot with Magar of Nagland in India of late. Prashant Tamang has already acted in three Nepali movies.

Sukhinder from India and Glenn from New Zealand

Dilara from India and Dennis from the Philippines
The couple lives in Vancouver.

Sania from India and Shoaib from Pakistan
Sania and Shoaib are a celebrity couple that give hope to Indo-Pakistani friendship.

Sagarika from India and Martin from Portugal
Singer Sagarika Mukherjee got hitched to Martin Da Costa, a Portuguese talent manager in 1992. The couple started Olive Bar and Kitchen, the chain of restaurants and have two kids, Michel and Joshua.

Salman from India and Iulia from Romania

Natraj from India and Lina from the Russian Federation
I am IT Professional working for an MNC. Lina was working in Moscow. We met online on one of the dating sites, and kept in touch via Skype for over a year. She came down to meet me and we traveled half the country and got to know each other better. We got married in 2013 in a traditional Indian ceremony as well as a beach weeding . Have been together since.

Noor from India and Patricia from Slovakia
I am from india,met my wife in a small village in south devon uk..we got married in 2010..

Kamesh from India and Nichole from the United States
Nichole is an Aleut from Alaska, USA and Kamesh is from Chennai, India. They met in 2008 while living in Colorado. They married in 2012.

Maneesh from India and Dieu from Vietnam
Miss Vietnam Dieu Hoa, her husband Maneesh and their three children.