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Andrew from Australia and Imelda from Indonesia
Andrew stumbled upon my profile and sent me a message saying that he would like to get to know me. I sent a reply and we both agreed to exchange Yahoo Messenger ID and started to chat. After some chats, we started to exchange emails and photos too. We started to chat sometime around February 2010.

Stefan from Germany and Aity from Indonesia
We met in Sri Lanka in May 2003. I worked there for a year in an Ayurvedic resort (a system of traditional, alternative medicine native to India) and he was there for 3 weeks as a guest.

Rob from the United Kingdom and Jessica from Indonesia

Sylvia from Indonesia and Joe from India
Joe immigrated from India to the US for university, then to Canada in 1973. Sylvia immigrated from Indonesia with her parents in 1966. They met at the University of B.C. on the day Joe landed in Canada.

Widya from Indonesia and Masahiko from Japan
In the picture with their son Kentaro.

Megan from Indonesia and Anjo from the Netherlands
We met in Oktober 2007 in a lesbian bar in Amsterdam. The funny thing is that we both hardly ever went out. It's a miracle that we ran into each other.

Nadim from Indonesia and Stefanie from Singapore
Stefanie Sun is a famous Singaporean Chinese singer. On 8 May 2011, Sun married Nadim Van Der Ros, a Dutch-Indonesian and senior executive at Aviva. In 2012, Sun gave birth naturally to her first child- a baby boy.

Anton from Indonesia and Andersen from the United States
Andersen married his spouse Anton in D.C. in June.