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Combinations for Greece

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Rodger from Australia and Gina from Greece
Gina and Rodger met in 2009 in Athens while Rodger was touring Europe. Since then we have been together through long period of distance and bureaucracy difficulties. 4 years later we managed to finally solve all legal issues and get Rodger's papers fixed so we can stay together in Greece. However we are still fighting for an Australian visa. Once you know you have met the right person no boarders and no money expenses can stop you.

Anne-Marie from Denmark and Constantine from Greece

Juan Carlos from Spain and Sofia from Greece
Juan Carlos de Borbon (King Juan Carlos I) and Princess Sofia of Greece (Queen Sofia), daughter of King Paul I and Queen Frederika of Greece married in 1962.

Marie-Chantal from the United Kingdom and Pavlos from Greece
While her sisters Pia Getty and Alexandra von Furstenberg also married well, Marie-Chantal is the only Miller sister to marry official royalty.

Sabrina from Greece and Steven from Guyana

Chris from Greece and Carmen from El Salvador
Both Americans with different heritages!

Anastasia from Greece and Ahmet from Turkey
They met in New York, where Anastasia, who loved design, was working in cosmetics, and where Ahmet discovered that he was tired of finance, but wanted instead to be a chef. He began by managing a restaurant. But still there was the dream of doing something together. Now they are running a restaurant in Miami.

Dennis from Greece and Christine from Taiwan
They live in Vancouver.

Aristotle from Greece and Jackie from the United States
They got married in 1968.