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Combinations for Finland

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Dieter from Germany and Eija from Finland
Dieter moved to Finland in the early 90s and met Eija there.

Diana from Ecudaor and Jari from Finland
Diana looks awesome in her wedding dress, doesn't she? Our marriage is intercultural cooperation between Finland and Ecuador. The cultural differences have not caused problems and I hope everything will also go fine in the future.

Joensuu from Finland and Chloe from the United Kingdom
Since their relationship is still young, Chloe and her partner are enjoying living close in proximity, sharing the local culture and their budding harmony together.

Katariina from Finland and Daniel from Mexico

Inka from Finland and Hans from the Netherlands

Ia from Finland and Stacy from the Philippines
Lesbian couple together for 7+ years :) We met and live in Austin, TX. I am actually the product of a bi-national couple (Finland/Sweden) and so is Stacy (Philippines/USA). Together, we are raising my son from a previous marriage to an Algerian (Meaning our son is also from a bi-national background: Finland/Algeria). -The attached photo is from many years ago...and that is NOT our couch :)