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Mary from Australia and Frederik from Denmark
It has been reported that the Crown Prince of Denmark and the then-civilian Ms. Donaldson met at a pub in Sydney during the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Lindsay from Canada and Henry from Denmark
I am Canadian, he is Danish. We met while he was living in Canada, working as a cowboy. After spending a year and a half in Canada together, we decided to make the move to Denmark, so he could go to University for free, and actually get paid by his government.

Fufu from China and Chris from Denmark
Chris and Fufu are a Danish-Chinese couple who met in Beijing. Fufu is in a band called the Hellcats and has an online second-hand clothing shop whereas Chris plays football and enjoys riding his bike around town.

Charles from Denmark and Maud from the United Kingdom

Anne-Marie from Denmark and Constantine from Greece

Anders from Denmark and Maria from Guatemala
Maria and Anders live in Denmark and are married for one and a half years now. Maria is currently a master's degree student and Anders is an IT Project Manager who will be returning to University this fall for his third degree while continuing to work full-time.

Lars from Denmark and Suchitra from India
Actor Suchitra Pillai met an engineer from Denmark, Lars Kjeldsen and married him in 2005. The happily married couple is blessed with a daughter Annika.