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Michel from Argentina and Jana from Germany

Maximilian Schell from Austria and Iva from Germany

Damien from Australia and Esther from Germany
We met 7 years ago in Barcelona. After 2 years of long distance we finally got the chance to live together in 2008. Since then we lived in Dublin and NYC and are now back in our favourite city- Barcelona. Last year we got married in Menorca. Absolute blast. Funny and bizarre but so good to find your soulmate from the other site of the world! Blessed ...

Sabine from Belgium and Bastian from Germany
We actually met during a dance-workshop 2012 in Ireland, fell in love and luckily found out we live quite close together!

Sandra from Switzerland and Stefan from Germany
Sandra and I met 3 years ago, when I (stefan) was in Zurich for a business weekend. We saw each other in front of a bar and then things went on... after commuting half a year between Berlin and Zurich, I decided to move to Switzerland. It was a perfect decision and our relationship lasts!

Daniel from Chile and Melanie from Germany
Melanie saw Daniel on TV during the coverage of the mine disaster in Chile. She contacted him and they got married shortly after.

Jessica from China and Elijah from Germany
They live in Richmond.

Daicy from Colombia and Hubertus from Germany
We met on the Internet, visited each other after 8 months of chatting and skyping, married and got a nice baby!

Manuel from Cuba and Jana from Germany

Jan from Germany and Souad from Algeria
We met at our shared workplace under slightly weird circumstances that involved someone predicting it before we ever met.

Roberto from Germany and Saba from Eritrea

Marike from Germany and Roberto from Spain

Dieter from Germany and Eija from Finland
Dieter moved to Finland in the early 90s and met Eija there.

Heidi from Germany and Seal from the United Kingdom
Married in 2005.

Stefan from Germany and Aity from Indonesia
We met in Sri Lanka in May 2003. I worked there for a year in an Ayurvedic resort (a system of traditional, alternative medicine native to India) and he was there for 3 weeks as a guest.

Earl Wenner from Germany and Gertrude (Keating) Wenner from Ireland
Married for over 50 years, Earl and Gertrude were inseparable. To this day they are thought highly of by their children, grand children, and even great grand children.

Benjamin from Germany and Nilu from India
Nilu and Benjamin went to Denmark to get married. Talk about international.

Teresa from Germany and Iman from Iran

Cornelia from Germany and Luigi from Italy
Cornelia and Luigi have been married for 31 years.

Claudia from Germany and Jiro from Japan

Ingo from Germany and Sylvia from Kenya

Peter from Germany and Fatina from Lebanon
Peter and Fatina have been married for 23 years.

Sophie from Germany and Alois from Liechtenstein

Simone from Germany and Younes from Morocco

Thomas from Germany and Zaga from Montenegro
My company was carrying out a workshop at a bank in Montenegro and Zaga was one of the participants. We went on our first date as soon as possible after the workshop but I was sure to get in touch with her before I left the country. It was attraction at first site.

Nils from Germany and Nancy from Mexico
Nancy and Nils met in 2000 in Mexico.

Heike from Germany and Jenkin from the Philippines
We are together since 10 years and happily married since almost 7 years. We have a wonderful 4 year old daughter.

Nikolai from Germany and Olga from Poland
We are an intercultural marriage. Olga is Polish and Nikolai is German. Also, we happen to live in yet another country, the Netherlands. However, we don't see ourselves as an offbeat marriage. We have the same problems and benefits other couples have, we just happen to come from different countries, and speak different languages.

Alexander from Germany and Liliana from Portugal
We met in Italy while participating in the Erasmus programme. Since then we lived together in Italy, Australia and now Germany. We have been happily married since 3 years.

Albert from Germany and Mileva from Serbia
Mileva Marić was Albert Einstein's first wife. Married in 1903.

Uwe from Germany and Svetlana from the Russian Federation
The two run a dating agency specialized on east-west connections.

Pascal from Germany and Monique from Rwanda
Pascal and Monique had to wait almost two years before they could get married.

Silvia from Germany and Carl from Sweden
Official Royal Swedish Household photograph of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Queen Silvia, former German commoner Silvia Sommerlath, taken on the afternoon after their wedding at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, Sweden on June 19, 1976.

Vera from Germany and Edardy from Singapore
We met in Singapore in 2006 and married in Scotland in 2011. Living in London currently.

Michael from Germany and Chompunoot from Thailand
Chompunoot and Michael have been married since December 2008. They live in Bavaria, Germany where Michael works as a teacher.

Franzi from Germany and Yousri from Tunisia

Melina from Germany and Ridvan from Turkey

Tanja from Germany and James from Uganda
They live together in Gulu and run a charity project together.

Andreas from Germany and Jessica from the United States

Heiko from Germany and Ingrida from Uzbekistan

Ruth from Germany and Adnan from South Africa
Both of them had to struggle with the Apartheid regime because of their love.