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Combinations for the Czech Republic

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Mirza from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Nadina from the Czech Republic

A Qin from China and Jiri­ from the Czech Republic
Both are painters living in the new art community of Songzhuang, Beijing. They sat next to each other in art school, and one fateful Chinese New Year in A Qin's hometown, their two worlds became one. In fluent Chinese, Jiri­ talks about how his child and wife has helped challenged his previous concept of freedom.

Marie Christine from the Czech Republic and Michael from the United Kingdom

Ivana from the Czech Republic and Rossano from Italy

Ioanna from the Czech Republic and Karim from Jordan

David from the Czech Republic and Milarosa from the Philippines
The lovebirds met at a gas station where Milarosa worked and where David soon became an avid customer.

Renate from the Czech Republic and Oria from the United States

Radka from the Czech Republic and Alirio from Venezuela
We met in1997 in the US, got married in 2008, have a handsome two-year old son and a baby girl on the way. We could not be happier!!!