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Robert from Switzerland and Mya from China
Mya married Robert before moving abroad for the first time to live in Bern.

Debbie from Switzerland and Omar from Cuba
Debbie Purdy is a British political activist from Bradford, West Yorkshire, with primary progressive multiple sclerosis, notable for her challenge to the law in England and Wales as relates to assisted suicide.

Sandra from Switzerland and Stefan from Germany
Sandra and I met 3 years ago, when I (stefan) was in Zurich for a business weekend. We saw each other in front of a bar and then things went on... after commuting half a year between Berlin and Zurich, I decided to move to Switzerland. It was a perfect decision and our relationship lasts!

Cynthia from Switzerland and Siddhartha from India

Seven from Switzerland and Zahra from Kenya
The Kenyan make-up artists Zahra is married to the award winning Swiss musician, Seven. They have been together for the past seven years and have been married for the past three. The couple that spent their honeymoon in Kenya for Zahra to show her husband her roots recently got a son.

Tatiana from Switzerland and Andrea from Monaco
Tatiana Santo Domingo Rechulski is an heiress and socialite married to Andrea Casiraghi, the eldest son of the Princess of Hanover and second in the line of succession to the Monegasque throne.

Ferenc from Switzerland and Denise from Malta
Although there is a big lifestyle difference when you compare Malta and Switzerland, it’s difficult to speak about cultural misunderstandings as the two countries share more similarities than differences. Luckily, while a lot of Maltese people are fervent Catholics and church goers and therefore frown upon living together before marriage, my parents are nothing like that and have always let me make my own decisions.

Fabienne from Switzerland and Katherine from the United States
They met in 2004 when both were enrolled in a studies-abroad program in Japan.

Ueli from Switzerland and Johanna from Venezuela
They met on a missionary trip in Venezuela.