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Jehanne from Belgium and Harrison from China
Harrison grew up during the Cultural Revolution where his larger than life personality was picked to perform acting and opera in the army. Jehanne chose 15 years ago to devote her life to oriental art, and left her privileged upbringing to move to China.

Sabine from Belgium and Bastian from Germany
We actually met during a dance-workshop 2012 in Ireland, fell in love and luckily found out we live quite close together!

Albert from Belgium and Paola from Italy

Stephanie from Belgium and Guillaume from Luxembourg
Married in October 2012.

Sarah from Belgium and Tom from the United States
Right after college I went to the Netherlands to do a year-long exchange program in journalism. Tom was studying there as well and the course director invited the Belgians to meet the other exchange students.

Jon from Belgium and Y from Vietnam
During their one week tour, the travelers, including Jon, enjoyed experiencing the lives of the Bana people. Jon was attracted by the "forest culture" and fell in love with Y Hem due to her honesty and no-thrills lifestyle. When the tour ended, Jon and Y Hem kept in touch with each other by email. To understand each other, Y Hem joined English classes, and Jon studied the Bana language by himself.