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Combinations for Austria

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Markus from Austria and Melina from China
Markus, Mia, Melina und Marlies.

Maximilian Schell from Austria and Iva from Germany

Christoph from Austria and Adelaide from France

Eva from Austria and Ahmed from India
Eva was born in Palestine during WWII, Ahmed was born in India but grew up in S. Africa. They met at college in Los Angeles in the early 60s, and were married for 45 years until Ahmed died of dementia. Their children routinely win the award for weirdest family.

Francesca from Austria and Syngman from North Korea
Francesca Donner was the second wife of Syngman Rhee, and was the inaugural First Lady of South Korea, from 1948 to 1960.

Christian from Austria and Sibel from Turkey

Achim from Austria and Andy from the United States
Achim and Andy are trying to find a way to live together in Austria.